About Linda

Welcome! I’m honored you’re here and hope you enjoy looking through my work.

Based in Wisconsin, I’ve recently rejuvenated a life-long love of creative pursuits and am currently focused on acrylic painting.  I’m primarily self-taught and have spent countless hours creating, experimenting, and learning along the way.  I’ve also had the privilege to study in person and online with various local artists in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, each who have given me the courage to let go, enjoy the process, revel in what doesn’t work the first time around.

My art is how I communicate what’s important in my life.  The process of layering color, texture, shapes, and lines over and over again until something jumps out is what exhilarates me and keeps me inspired to do more.  My work is often defined by rich color, spontaneous gestures, and many layers woven together creating a piece with depth and a unique story to tell.  I’m always surprised when I see the final outcome.  Rarely is the painting what I expected, but it always celebrates every misstep and joy that shaped it into what it became.